Pei-Hsi CHOU


                  • Specialty: Sports Biomechanics, Athletic Injuries (sports injuries)

Orthopedics, Arthroscopic Surgery of knee,shoulder and elbow

                  • TEL: +886-7-3121101 ext 5751、5752



Hwai-Ting LIN

Associate Prof.

                  • Specialty: Ergonomics,

Sports Biomechanics


Wen-Lan WU


                  • Specialty: Biomechanics of Human Motion, Sports Medicine, 

Sports Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering



Lan-Yuen GUO


                  • Specialty: Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Engineering, 

Biomechanics of Human Movement


I-Hua Chu

Associate Prof.

                  • Specialty: Exercise Psychology, Exercise Physiology,

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy




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